Peoples’ Friendship University, Russia

Peoples’ Friendship University 

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (PFUR) was established in 1960 and is one of the paramount of excellence and repute in Europe for Higher Education. The University is situated in Moscow, the capital of Russia, one of the most beautiful cities with rich cultural life and legendary history of 900 years. Moscow is also the biggest educational center of Russia; about 200 Universities are situated there offering high quality and affordable education in all specialties. Moscow also happens to be the industrial and business capital of Russia.

With 46 years of its existence, the University has gained huge popularity all over the world as one of the large international, scientific and educational center. For the last 12 years, PFUR is constantly among the first five leading Universities from more than 3000 Russian Higher Education Establishments. One will find a fleet of more 1700 professors teaching at Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia. The glorious track record and achieving spirit have brought in high net worth reputation. Prominent specialists, who achieved recognition in different fields of science consider honorable to teach at the University.

The University’s campus is situated in one of the most picturesque places of Moscow. It houses 9 comfortable student hostels, fitness centre, hospital, international cultural centre, health centre, several drugstores, international and long distance telephone centers, banks, grocery , department stores, bookshops and stalls with school supplies, newspapers and magazines (both in Russian and foreign languages), hairdressing saloons, numerous cafeterias and exchange offices. The University’s building has many low prized student cafes where students can have their lunch. During the day the young incumbents not only attend lectures but also go to the fitness center, study at the library and visit Interclub organizations, which is in charge of students’ leisure activities.


Night view of Moscow city

The Medical faculty of PFUR has a first-class reputation both in Russia and abroad; its fame rests on the scientists working at the faculty and the graduates. Nowadays, more than 6400 professionals that have been educated at the Medical faculty are working in more than 110 countries of the world. Prominent scientists whose contribution to medical science is well-known, are lecturing and leading practical seminars at the faculty. In numerous laboratories with up-to-date diagnostic and research equipment, students attempt penetrating into the mysteries of structure and functioning of the human body and learn how to diagnose diseases and apply innovative methods of treatment. The members of the Medical faculty are actively implementing innovative educational programs aimed at teaching new medical technologies to medical staff. 

Functioning at the faculty are the Students scientific society that helps students become familiar with research from the beginning; the Young medical doctor’s community; the Students theatre «Hippocrates», the lecture center where lectures in literature, music, and history are presented. The pre-university education is provided at the «Medik» medical-biological school (preliminary courses).

Today, the Medical faculty of PFUR is equipped with 14 novel clinical laboratories; in the training process, computer testing and TV broadcasting are used. For refinement in practical treatment, subdivisions of computer tomography, lever fiber-scanning and andrology have been created.

Moscow City

The capital of Russia has its own charm and beauty. Moscow was considered the biggest political, industrial, scientific and cultural center in the erstwhile USSR which it has competently retained to date. Moscow is located on the banks of the river Moskova which lends the name Moscow to this marvelous city. The climate is exceptionally moderate with a temperature amplitude of 28 degrees Celsius. The cool period starts by the end of September and lasts until mid-May. The rainfall ranges from 560-650 mm per year from April to October. Snowfall usually happens between November to April. In spite of all the weather schedules it still remains quite unstable and at times unpredictable thus making a mockery of the weather forecaster.


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